Moving & Shaking at the Parkinson's Exercise and Wellness Center utilizes the philosophies of dance to tackle the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. By moving the body consciously, fighters build confidence, rhythm, creativity, self-expression, extension, and flexibility. Incorporating dance styles from various genres and eras, Moving & Shaking involves multiple senses, social interaction, cognitive tasks, sensory integration, and stability. Participants work on footwork, side-to-side movements, hip opening and big arm gestures.

This Parkinson's-specific group class enhances emotional, cognitive, and social well-being for an overall improved quality of life. Additionally, Moving & Shaking provides critical mind-body intervention in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease symptoms. While traditional dance classes are an excellent source of exercise, this form of dance therapy is tailored to the needs of those living with Parkinson’s Disease. Moving & Shaking requires no more than an openness to moving your body in new and liberating ways.