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The Boss Lady

Sarrisa is a NASM-certified Personal Trainer, Rock Steady Certified Trainer, PWR!Moves Certified Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor. Her work with people with Parkinson’s Disease began in 2015, and inspired her to co-found Rock Steady Kansas City in 2015. She now serves as the President and Head Coach of the Parkinson’s Exercise and Wellness Center. In 2019, she also became an ambassador for the national Parkinson's Foundation "Aware in Care" hospital safety kit.

Sarrisa’s fascination with the adaptability and wonderment of the human body began when she was young. Driven by the desire to learn how the body works, she sought to understand how the body can heal itself through exercise, nutrition, and change. She exercises her love for learning and adaptation on a daily basis in her work at the center. Designing classes that challenge in creative and unique ways, she possesses the skills required to provide, safe, effective workouts for her fighters.

Sarrisa brought together a coaching staff that shares her mission of cultivating a PD community of like-minded individuals who support each other, care deeply, and fight hard.  With their help, she has created a space that fosters belonging and hopeful inspiration. 

The Enforcer

Josh may have a friendly demeanor, but during class, he’s our resident enforcer. As an NCSA-certified Personal Trainer, his boxing drills never fail to keep our fighters energized and working until that very last drill. He also specializes in pre- and post-surgery exercise rehab, and was awarded “Most Motivating Trainer” from the PFI Las Vegas Boot Camp. As a trainer, he combines his education and experience with a little God-inspired creativity to bring the best he can to our boxing family.

Having served the Parkinson’s community for ten years and co-founded Rock Steady KC in 2016, he strives to be a beacon of hope in this corner of our local PD community.


PCI Lawrence Personal Training certification and 4.0 Honor Roll

NSCA Certification

Specialist in pre/post surgery/therapy for safe knee/shoulder/back/joint exercise rehab 

Career Highlights:

PFI Las Vegas Boot Camp most motivating trainer award

Featured on KCTV5 for Parkinson's Training and Boxing

Featured in the Topeka Capital Journal for work with Parkinson's

10 years as Parkinson's Personal Trainer

Rock Steady KC co-founder

The Dynamo

Stephanie is a life-long learner, she is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA), a senior level yoga instructor with over 20 years’ experience specializing in restorative and adaptive yoga, and holds certifications in PWR!Moves, RSB and Tai Chi for Rehabilitation.

Stephanie’s clinical and educational background allow her to bring a multi-faceted approach to the battle against Parkinson's and reflect an atmosphere of hard work, camaraderie, creativity, fun and function! Her session include diversified,  science-based, holistic strategies to target activities of daily living, (ADL's), overall fitness, functional movement, gross and fine motor coordination, vocal production, mind-body connection, and mental agility. 

Stephanie is also a professionally-trained actor, director and arts-educator.  She has created an innovative, theatre-based program, Parkinson’s the Art of Expression PARTE™ which addresses the motor and non-motor symptoms of PD.  This popular pilot program is currently only offered at the PEWC. However, will rollout nationally as a training program in the fall of 2020. 

Stephanie's diverse education includes an Applied Science degree from from Metropolitan Community College, an MFA from The University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, and a BFA from The University of Florida. Stephanie strives to stay current on PD research and intervention strategies via continuing education and networking with neurology-based therapists and educators.  She is an integral part of the P.E.W.C. Team of outstanding coaches and staff.

Marketing & Administrative Coordinator

Coming SOON!


Natalie grew up in Kansas City and attended St. Teresa’s Academy. She is a two time All-State athlete in track and field as a javelin thrower and an All-District basketball player.

After graduation from high school, Natalie attended Regis University in Denver, Colorado, where she was a member of the women’s basketball team. She graduated in 2021 with Honors and a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science. 

During her time at Regis she worked in the student activities center and served as a student strength and conditioning coach for faculty members. She also worked in the student athlete gym as a student assistant and supervised the weight room and athletes throughout workouts. 

Natalie is a life-long health and fitness advocate. She enjoys watching and or playing almost any sport, especially basketball and volleyball. She has worked closely with the Kansas City parochial league in youth sports and is also a coach on the St. Teresa’s Academy basketball staff. Her love for athletics and exercise has come from a strong family history in the health industry. Her parents and siblings are all professionally involved in promoting health, fitness and wellness.


Natalie spends a majority of her free time with her family and her pit bull rescue, Ashes. When he was rescued, he was completely non-weight bearing on one hind leg. After a year of some doggy exercises and lots of love, his leg is now fully functional and pain free!