Stick Mobility: Movement & Mobility at the PEWC

Stick Mobility: Movement & Mobility at the PEWC

In early January, the Parkinson’s Exercise and Wellness Center added yet another highly beneficial class to its schedule, Movement & Mobility. Using the liberating method of Stick Mobility, our coaches have been guiding the PD Fighters in expanding their flexibility, range of motion, strength, and coordination.

Nancy Harrington, a PD fighter, said of the class, “I felt opened up and refreshed afterward.” George Weaver has attended many of our Movement & Mobility classes. About its benefits, he said, “I've had muscle spasms in the back and chest for months… I went to my first class getting all of those pulls & stretches. I have not had a spasm since… This gym has been a blessing for me, going on my fourth year.” Dick Hamill, another longtime fighter at the PEWC, said, “I have felt that the exercises challenge my balance, agility, and certain muscle groups. I look forward to attending more classes.”

In cooperation with Stick Mobility, we are now offering a unique training opportunity for those who want to bring this transformative program to your gym, physical therapy, personal training regimen, and more.

Join us on March 13th-14th (Sat-Sun) for a Level 1 Certification event at the Parkinson's Exercise and Wellness Center. During this training, you will learn principles and movements to enhance you and your clients' training. Stick Mobility promotes joint mobilization, strength training, and deep fascial stretching.

From Stick Mobility's website:

Registration is $899 and includes three mobility sticks, training materials, and a listing in Stick Mobility's "Find a Trainer" directory. The Level 1 Certification Training Course is available as a two-day, in-person course that is 80% hands-on and 20% lecture, or an online training course. We’ll take you through three phases of joint mobilization, strength training, and active stretching techniques. You will also learn the five scientific principles upon which Stick Mobility training is built: Leverage, Stability, Feedback, Irradiation, Isometrics, and Coordination.

To sign up for this course, please visit here.

Stop by the Parkinson’s Exercise and Wellness Center to see the benefits of our Movement & Mobility class in person. This class is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:45 p.m., Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m., or Thursdays and Saturdays at noon.